The old town of the Internet.
andai.tv [jump here]
This site has some quaint in-browser games and demos. I had fun with the robot walker and cruelly left him upturned on the ground. Then I played as a small fish, scouring the depths. You may also create your own (hopefully polite) animation before growing your own bonsai tree.
I recommend a visit, it's like a bustling day at a science fair.
Heaviness: Modest Eccentricity: 5/10
Submitted: 06/09/2021 Visit andai.tv
Velodius [jump here]
A period website of an upstart flash animator. Sadly, we can't see the flash animations now, but the drawings are still present. In fact the whole site was meticulously-styled to look like a sketchbook, presumably with the pages coming alive (were Flash still present!).

Favourite quote: "Eminem vid: I hate this and I don't like Eminem either, but some people wanted to see it."
These old sites make me wonder: is the author still an artist today? Did he go on to find a place for his talents?
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 06/09/2021 Visit Velodius
Cameron's World [jump here]
Flood your web browser with a deluge of GeoCities. Animated GIFs, a MIDI soundtrack, mystery beckons. Click anything on the page to warp back in time.
This page persuaded me that I wasn't the only one who recalled the haphazard, DIY spirit that characterised my early days online.
It is sincerely a work of high aesthetics. May it abide forever.
Heaviness: Pure Loaded! Eccentricity: 8/10
Submitted: 28/08/2021 Visit Cameron's World
Windows 93 [jump here]
Windows 93 is the peculiar counterpart to Windows 96. The desktop has been themed by someone who just discovered vaporwave and has decided it is forever. It is littered with icons for heaven-knows-what, I'll leave them for the brave to uncover.
Heaviness: Pure Loaded! Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 28/08/2021 Visit Windows 93
Windows 96 [jump here]
Someone has recreated the Windows 98-2000 desktop experience in the browser. This is worth a look for the trip down memory lane if you can't be bothered firing up a VM.
Heaviness: Heavy Eccentricity: 3/10
Submitted: 28/08/2021 Visit Windows 96

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