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Cat Bounce [jump here]
Cat bounce is worth a visit, given that this is something that cats are not known to do in real life. Here you can see this hypothetical depicted. Colourful visuals accompany the experience.
Heaviness: Medium Eccentricity: 5/10
Submitted: 24/09/2022 Visit Cat Bounce
Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack (int10h.org) [jump here]
The author of this website has worked carefully to recreate various system fonts from the days of text mode displays. He's faithfully reproduced them in TTF and various modern formats, meaning they will scale properly on modern systems.

But I'd argue that's less a spectacle than the website itself, which is a tribute to 256-colour goodness crafted with much affection. Don't miss the homepage either. It's a perfect melding of demoscene and DOS TUIs.
Heaviness: Modest Eccentricity: 10/10
Submitted: 13/08/2022 Visit Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack (int10h.org)
ZOMG ZUFALL (Flash Loops Archive) [jump here]
A website of random flash loops set to suitable musical accompaniment. As of today, there are 7977 available. These are very much the kind of random creativity that only the Web can provide.

Note: Not all are worksafe or kid friendly! Though from my quick browse I found nothing seriously alarming, but just a heads-up, this is a place of unbridled creativity. The example from the screenshot may be seen here, it is a squirrel gradually losing touch of sanity to the tune of Napoleon XIV's They Are Coming To Take Me Away.

Charmingly, they are all made in Adobe Flash but have the modern Ruffle player available. This means they are real flash but work in browsers ancient and modern without the need for any plugin.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 09/07/2022 Visit ZOMG ZUFALL (Flash Loops Archive)
Persepolis Reimagined [jump here]
Go on a tour through the city of Persepolis, thanks to this highly detailed 3D rendering of the ancient city. Some say it was built by King Darius himself, who was known to be a crack at WebGL.
Heaviness: CPU Carnage Eccentricity: 4/10
Submitted: 17/04/2022 Visit Persepolis Reimagined
Black Wings Society [jump here]
???? ?? ? ??????? ????? ???????? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ???? ?????. ?? ??? ???? ?? ????. ???? ????.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 10 /10
Submitted: 07/03/2022 Visit Black Wings Society
Simone's Computer [jump here]
A homepage designed to resemble a 90s desktop. There are many easter eggs and goodies hidden throught the desktop. There is a public lightbulb that may be switched on/off by any visitor... things can get violent. I can't say much more; this one is best experienced.
The webmaster also provides a listing of many other mock-desktops that run in web browsers.
Heaviness: Heavy-Laden Eccentricity: 8/10
Submitted: 02/03/2022 Visit Simone's Computer
COBOL ON COGS [jump here]
Should you ever find yourself needing to deploy a web framework on a 1960s IBM mainframe, fret not, here is your answer.
This is a small website imagining how it might be, were these two disparate worlds to merge. (And if you want a real COBOL web framework, someone has built one here).
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 10/10
Submitted: 22/02/2022 Visit COBOL ON COGS
SHA-256 Algorithm Explained [jump here]
A visualisation of how a SHA256 digest is born. This interactive page reveals the process in all its gory details with pretty colours. One may input any text phrase and let the algorithm play to completion, or view the process step by step.
After seeing this, you'll have an appreciation of the effort required to design clever algorithms that encrypt our passwords and verify our files haven't been tampered.
Heaviness: Medium Eccentricity: 4/10
Submitted: 20/02/2022 Visit SHA-256 Algorithm Explained
CoolText.com Wall of Text [jump here]
CoolText.com allows one to generate stylised text, intended for web pages. Think of it being like WordArt but with many more colours and styles.
Here, you may see a waterfall of all the text that is being generated in real time. I noted a few including "Merry Christmas", "Dem Moves" and even random Arabic phrases.
Heaviness: Heavy Eccentricity: 6/10
Submitted: 16/12/2021 Visit CoolText.com Wall of Text
Webamp - Winamp 2.0 in your browser [jump here]
Winamp is the media player I missed. I began playing MP3s with the inferior counterpart named 'RealPlayer'. But I've since learnt more of the legend of WinAmp. Here, the venerable 2.0 version has been recreated in a browser, complete with a classic desktop.
Fully functional; it plays real MP3s! It has the transcendental visualisations you'd expect. They even may be made full screen if you're called to DJ in a hurry.
Heaviness: Pure Loaded! Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 30/11/2021 Visit Webamp - Winamp 2.0 in your browser

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