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After Death Communication [jump here] [permalink]
No, it isn't a mobile network offering supernatural coverage. Neither is it a PR firm that promises to guarantee your reputation long after you depart this middle realm. Rather, ADC is the Internet hub for those who have experienced spontaneous communication from their recently deceased loved ones, and that without the assistance of psychics, mediums, rituals or devices of any kind.

On this colourful and gradient-replete website, you can find information that proves the departed still keep in touch, and do so through the most common bodily experiences as chills, scents or even telephone calls.

Finally and best of all is the message board, which looks to predate even phpBB while being skinned like Windows 95, yet is still receiving submissions as of the 5th of May 2024. Such titles include 'A gentle pat,' 'Touching dream with mother' and 'They hear us'.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 8/10
Submitted: 01/06/2024 Visit After Death Communication
Gondola Archive [jump here] [permalink]
Gondola, ever present and ever silent. Yet do no mistake his silence for thoughtlessness; his eyes betray a thousand lifetimes of seeing it all before and still not being able to believe what is before him. Gondola the strictly bipedal bear has numerous confirmed sightings and they have been documented on this very site. Perhaps with enough patience and after watching enough of these images set to music of his choosing, you might uncover the reason he has been sent.

Gondola in the screenshot: Taking orders or ordering?
Heaviness: Weighing upon the soul Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 15/07/2023 Visit Gondola Archive
Exotic Silicon Research [jump here] [permalink]
Imagine there is a sacred rulebook that governs the design stipulations for today's web pages. Now picture someone storming the cloistered brutalist cathedral where the rulebook resides, seizing it and not merely tossing it away but incinerating it.

Around our irreverent protagonist, gasps arise. These gasps then give way to shrieks as he replaces the rulebook with a kaleidoscopic scrapbook. You might imagine that the guardians of the old order would retaliate, but their wills are subdued and rendered powerless as the scrapbook is opened and emits its hueful rays. The guardians are smitten then blinded; their cause is forever discredited and a new day of hope dawns in its place.

This is the best I could summarise Exotic Silicon. The website gives its attention to research and articles around using modern networking and Unix systems with the mindset of a maverick hacker of old. They're also kind enough to suggest code fixes for open source projects, and explain them too! Isn't that kind of them?

The presentation is truly inventive; CSS stylesheets are treated like musical scores, jolting the informative articles with life. The layouts are as hackish and original as their attitude to computing. The authors are fully conscious of this too; the whys and wherefores are answered here.

Educational materials and business services are seldom associated with soulful presentation, but the web makes it possible. Exotic Silicon is witness to this fact. More websites should follow their lead (but not duplicate their style, such is not possible) and our lives would be just a little less dull.
Heaviness: Modest Eccentricity: matchless /10
Submitted: 16/04/2023 Visit Exotic Silicon Research
exo.pet [jump here] [permalink]
A luminous creation lives here. The website is dedicated to "neopets" which I presume are a past or future kind of digital companion. As is true of personal pages the pets themselves are under construction. What exists of them is a webpage laden with pixelart GIFs. I'll say that's near enough because at least GIFs aren't (yet) nagging to be fed.

The presentation is fluorescent tones over a starry backdrop. This is melded with a mid-2000s software publisher website style. Wherever the author takes this website will be intriguing, but even now it is worth visiting for the aesthetics.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 12/11/2022 Visit exo.pet
Nobody Here [jump here] [permalink]
The title is something of a misnomer because this website is alive. It is a man made into a digital entity only to be rendered corporeal again in your browser. Scroll and observe as he types free verse straining over deeper meanings on his vintage computer. Click into the eclectic categories that emerge on a list, and experience the assorted stream of conscience musings.
Original, very idiosyncratic, and borderline inexplicable. Something like what I seek in music, but thrown together in the form of a website. Somebody's there.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 10 /10
Submitted: 24/09/2022 Visit Nobody Here
Mojave Phone Booth [jump here] [permalink]
A website committed to the history of the world's loneliest phone booth (GB: phone box). It has been steadily updated since the author made his first visit in 1997 and long after its tragic demolition in 2000.
The stories inspired by it have made news reports, a film and even a book. This is next-level passion fused with eccentricity. Perhaps someday there can be a plaque erected to commemorate its memory.
The rest of this author's website is equally as eccentric and certainly worth delving into it.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 10/10
Submitted: 27/01/2022 Visit Mojave Phone Booth
Net Animations [jump here] [permalink]
Hand crafted website. A repository of many bizarre animated GIFs, each carefully categorised: e.g. Dogs, Birthdays, Computers, Creepy, Space, Obama. The range is as extensive as the variety.
The website is styled in an equally bizarre mish-mash of colours and textures. Don't go through life and say you've missed this one.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 25/01/2022 Visit Net Animations
OK Buddy Retard (Official) [jump here] [permalink]
OKBR is an advice website that will make you a master of every pursuit in life. An unparalleled source of Dogecoin investment advice. True to form geocities-style homepage and a wonder to behold. The Internet continues to deliver.
Heaviness: Lightweight Eccentricity: 8/10
Submitted: 04/12/2021 Visit OK Buddy Retard (Official)
Jackypc [jump here] [permalink]
A French website showcasing home-built PCs from the early to mid 2000s. Presented in a crimson and black coating. Pick a random number and see how the boxes looked in Croissant land 15 years ago.
The website was last updated in 2010, and that was a news update remarking on how it hadn't been updated since 2007: "En 2010, vous me direz que c'est une page à l'abandon."
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 01/11/2021 Visit Jackypc
WizWorld [jump here] [permalink]
Colourful SciFi style throwback page, featuring modest use of GIFs.
I'm not entirely sure what this is meant to be, but it is done with a lot of passion. He has great fondness for an old SciFi B-Movie, The Wizard of Speed and Time (that's a job title I'd envy).
Heaviness: Lightweight Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 13/09/2021 Visit WizWorld

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