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After Death Communication [permalink]
No, it isn't a mobile network offering supernatural coverage. Neither is it a PR firm that promises to guarantee your reputation long after you depart this middle realm. Rather, ADC is the Internet hub for those who have experienced spontaneous communication from their recently deceased loved ones, and that without the assistance of psychics, mediums, rituals or devices of any kind.

On this colourful and gradient-replete website, you can find information that proves the departed still keep in touch, and do so through the most common bodily experiences as chills, scents or even telephone calls.

Finally and best of all is the message board, which looks to predate even phpBB while being skinned like Windows 95, yet is still receiving submissions as of the 5th of May 2024. Such titles include 'A gentle pat,' 'Touching dream with mother' and 'They hear us'.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 8/10
Submitted: 01/06/2024 Visit After Death Communication

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