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The Book of Joe [jump here] [permalink]
Music, clever inventions, new software, eclectic fauna. If you like these and things like them, you will find a kindred spirit in the Book of Joe. He's been blogging since before it was first cool, and he has kept the same straightforward HTML4/CSS style since then. Why change the look if you have been having fun sharing random cool things from the Internet, for as long as you have had a web presence of your own?

A salute to a fellow web connoisseur, and a health to his hypertext home!
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 01/10/2023 Visit The Book of Joe
Vital Network, Homepages and Interests [jump here] [permalink]
The vital network is host to one Vitaly Blokhin's (Blogging? He does!) homepage, along with several pages devoted to his interests. He also hosts websites on behalf of his friends; they are quite the artistic bunch sharing poetry, music and writings of Russian history. Finally of interest is a curated directory of internet links from 1997: here.

A page has been created for Visual International Transliteration, itself featuring clever letter art. It proposes a universal system for transliterating any non-Latin script into characters familiar to its readers.

The site was first created in 1996 and was last updated in 2004. Its quaint style means a visit is vital. Quite a lot of thought and effort has went into the topics presented, and it is almost drowned amid the noise of the modern WWW.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 8/10
Submitted: 01/10/2023 Visit Vital Network, Homepages and Interests
FATPIE, Animation & Stuff by David Firth [jump here] [permalink]
Here lives the internet presence of one David Firth, creator of many well known animations. He's the force behind Burnt Face Man, Jerry Jackson, Not Stanley and most known of all: Salad Fingers. While much of his work is accessible on YouTube or Newgrounds, he's been maintaining his own web presence for donkey's years.

Long ago I watched the Burnt Face Man on its own website with the original Flash, but I wasn't aware of his other works until much later. His style is very idiosyncratic; it blends the surreal and the uncanny. It may not be for everyone.

A list of all his animations may be found here
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 10/10
Submitted: 21/07/2023 Visit FATPIE, Animation & Stuff by David Firth
XXIIVV [jump here] [permalink]
Enter the dominion of Devine Lu Linvega, who calls himself a generalist. He develops software for what is called the Hundred Rabbits ecosystem, that is software intentionally built to survive a probable future collapse of society. The software runs a Varvara computer; I'm not sure what that is. But it compiles for Unix systems, which I and many others do know, so there's that. Some of this software is used to build his website which proves its viability.

The website style is expectedly understated for someone holding eschatological beliefs. The focus is on his musings and works and so it is consciously styled; mostly black and white with limited colours. Line art illustrations are nestled among the pages. Hyperlinks are encapsulated inside opening and closing braces.

The website isn't limited to software: There are details of his illustrations and experimental music. Additionally the proprietor is proudly off-grid and living aboard his own ship. According to the publicly viewable location map he frequently crosses the Pacific ocean; quite the life! Unless, as I suspect, he has tied the location beacon to a seabird to frustrate the schemes of the feds.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 11/03/2023 Visit XXIIVV
Humour from the classes of Prof. Richardson [jump here] [permalink]
"Humour, facilitated by technology enhancing communication, is one of the common elements of all societies and it also makes sense that the "Internet and its Impact on Society" would include facilitating the spread of humour."

Don't we agree? Here is the collected humour for the classes of one Professor Richardson, forever immortalised upon the web. He's gathered links to various sections of the Yahoo directory and made annotated screenshots of Netscape 4.0, both of which kicked the bucket long before the Professor's pages.

You should also get a glimpse of his website's other pages here. He is a lecturer of computing and business, who appears to have learnt HTML once in 1998 and never updated his web design skills. And why should he? His quaint web pages are still browsable today.
Heaviness: Lightweight Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 08/10/2022 Visit Humour from the classes of Prof. Richardson
Tom Around The World [jump here] [permalink]
The homepage of a gent who has made it his quest to travel around the world and meet everyone whom he deems a rock and roll hero. He achieved quite a few from his list, detailed here. There's also a scrapbook and journal detialing even more encounters.

Additionally, his accounts of his travels were enjoyed so much that he was able to fund them entirely through donations. And build this flashy website from the proceeds. Perhaps he has been to a concert near you.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 11/10
Submitted: 11/06/2022 Visit Tom Around The World
Antikrist [jump here] [permalink]
Dive deeply into the homepage of a trainee marine biologist. Presented in meticulously hand-woven HTML. The style would be at home in the Bioshock computer games. It's as if the Web was cut off from the city of Rapture in the early 2000s and lingered along quietly, separately from life on the surface.

The site is replete with details of the author's favourite bands, GIFs, AIM buddy icons, links, interests. (Don't miss the sections "Library" and "Portal"). The effort is equally applied to both style and contents.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 17/04/2022 Visit Antikrist
Machine Cat's Realm [jump here] [permalink]
A high-effort homepage styled after Wordart and Windows 98. Featuring some of the author's own artworks and music. Strong vaporwave and pixel art aesthetics prevail.
I'm especially fond of the old school tree control used in the navigation pane.
Heaviness: Medium Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 19/03/2022 Visit Machine Cat's Realm
l33tcodes [jump here] [permalink]
A personal homepage/blog of another programmer. One of the most visually stunning webpages I've seen.
His interests range from retro to modern. There is an impressive write-up of old file descriptor formats, if reading that takes your fancy. He wrote a BBS server in Node Javascript, which is equally as heretical as it is impressive.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 19/02/2022 Visit l33tcodes
Guided By Voices (old site) [jump here] [permalink]
The old website of Guided By Voices. Seems to be a sporadic compilation, spliced of styles and scraps from through time. Not unlike one of the band's albums.
The website is hand built and seems to have been last touched in 2005. It has a lot of lore, links to reviews, photos of the band through the ages. I enjoyed the animated GIFs in the style of Bee Thousand's album artwork. I also salute the choice of a .net domain name!
Suffice to say, the old website has much more to explore than the current, which is more of a brochure than a scrapbook.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 26/01/2022 Visit Guided By Voices (old site)

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