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Vital Network, Homepages and Interests [permalink]
The vital network is host to one Vitaly Blokhin's (Blogging? He does!) homepage, along with several pages devoted to his interests. He also hosts websites on behalf of his friends; they are quite the artistic bunch sharing poetry, music and writings of Russian history. Finally of interest is a curated directory of internet links from 1997: here.

A page has been created for Visual International Transliteration, itself featuring clever letter art. It proposes a universal system for transliterating any non-Latin script into characters familiar to its readers.

The site was first created in 1996 and was last updated in 2004. Its quaint style means a visit is vital. Quite a lot of thought and effort has went into the topics presented, and it is almost drowned amid the noise of the modern WWW.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 8/10
Submitted: 01/10/2023 Visit Vital Network, Homepages and Interests

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