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Grimace's Birthday [permalink]
It is 2023. The McDonald's corporation needs a new marketing ploy. Something perhaps to tap into this 'gaming' thing the kids are raving on about. They finally decide to make a game.

Of all the platforms they could've selected, the Gameboy Color is what they elected. Some say this is a conscious attempt to tap into nostalgia, but I think they chose the GBC because it was current the last time their marketing department played a game.

Either way, we've a skateboarding purple fellow who needs to round up his friends for his birthday. Who can't relate? The game is a genuine Gameboy Color ROM that may be played inside the browser, complete with a contemporary website to house it. The ROM may be downloaded here and played on a real GBC. Some details of how it was made is here should you wish to build your own GBC game in 2023 or later.
Heaviness: Super Size Me Eccentricity: over 9000 calories/10
Submitted: 11/07/2023 Visit Grimace's Birthday

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