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Some Proxy I Used To Know [permalink]
"Banned, blocked, restricted from accessing internet? Proxied, firewalled, socked? Nuked, flooded, attacked, trojaned, hacked in IRC, ICQ and chat rooms? Unable to use internet telephony?" - then here are the people who will help. Introducing Somebody Proxy. Never mind a VPN. Hide behind a humble proxy, and get back onto those services. Proxy technology is so old that the authorities won't even be checking anyway, so take that NordVPN!

This site was last updated in 2000, but it is still online. Presumably the proxy still works, but I'm not quite willing to pay the $49 monthly fee to verify that!
Heaviness: Behind Twelve Eccentricity: 9/10
Submitted: 01/10/2023 Visit Some Proxy I Used To Know

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