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Spectrum Crap Games Competition [permalink]
The ZX Spectrum 48k was the machine that made the British computing scene. Its humble hackish origins were what introduced a generation of programmers to their craft. It also served to entertain many growing up in the 1980s with its vast and varied selection of games.

This computer was long discontinued by the time I was born, but I admire its simplicity and what it symbolises. Modern systems are inscrutable; they hide their workings from the user. They aren't nearly as approachable to program.

In this spirit, there is held a 'crap games contest' every year where a group of Spectrum enthusiasts attempt to create the worst game they can for the system. The entries may be browsed on this site - itself taking heavy inspiration from the Spectrum's graphics palette.
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Submitted: 21/10/2023 Visit Spectrum Crap Games Competition

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