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IwayNet on FrontPage Express [jump here]
When I was ten or eleven years old, I read of 'FrontPage Express' in a book. I yearned to build my own website and put it on the Internet for all to see. But this elusive program wasn't available on my PC.
In the days of dial-up, finding it online proved quite the task too. I asked a distant relative and months later she visited, presenting a 3.5" Floppy Disk bearing the FrontPage Express installer. Overjoyed, I set about building this website (which still exists online but is well hidden).

Years later, I find scant mention of FPE on the Internet, except this very old website of an independent ISP detailing basic usage. My favourite part is the screenshot of the UI, which shows an estimated download time of 9 seconds for one small JPEG. How far we've come.
Heaviness: light Eccentricity: 4/10
Submitted: 25/10/2021 Visit IwayNet on FrontPage Express
The Jargon File [jump here]
An invaluable guide to hacker culture. Hackers aren't driven by malice but by curiosity, a desire to get more from their hardware and software than its makers intended. Unfortunately in common parlance, the term 'hacker' is now synonymous with 'cracker', which is what hackers call those who break things for dishonest gain.
You can learn more of the hacker culture here, which has given rise to everything we value in the world of computing.

There are many good quotes here, like: "Compromise is not particularly a hackish virtue, but the honest presentation of divergent viewpoints is."
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 8 /10
Submitted: 24/10/2021 Visit The Jargon File
Hackles [jump here]
An old web comic poking fun at the tropes of the early 2000s OSS and Linux culture. I had a leaf through and got a few laughs.
I award a worthless and yet-unnamed award because the server-side code is in Perl!
Heaviness: Lightweight Eccentricity: 4/10
Submitted: 17/10/2021 Visit Hackles
Norfolk Churches [jump here]
This gentleman has meticulously documented all the churches he can find in Norfolk, past and present. As of October 2021, the website is still updated each month.
The website's understated style gives proper focus to the words and photographs. Each church is given a generous amount of research.
A website like this is an example of passion done properly. These pages will abide long after anything on Facebook. A plain styled personal website is much better suited for preservation, which is a perfect fit for presenting historical research, because it shares the same goals.
Heaviness: Lightweight Eccentricity: 5/10
Submitted: 17/10/2021 Visit Norfolk Churches
The Shorland Site [jump here]
Two gentlemen have created their own website dedicated to Shorland Land Rovers. If you're interested in APVs and APCs from the 1960s-1990s, this is the site for you. It features scans of detailed schematics of all the prototypes. It has been lovingly crafted in MS FrontPage.
Heaviness: Lightweight Eccentricity: 2/10
Submitted: 01/09/2021 Visit The Shorland Site

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