The old town of the Internet.
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Some say the pioneers, those who would boldly shout "buy them a domain for Christmas" and really mean it, have alighted the internet. That the dot com boom was the first blow, and the rise of the Zuckoogle Empire the second. But do not yet abandon hope. In small pockets and obscure corners, resistance continues. The old ways are kept alive; at 2ya.com it has been the 90s for three decades.

The website asks the visitor, is 2ya 4ya? You bet, if you are willing to part with $19.99 each month. Get your own dot com, don your complimentary sunglasses and baseball cap then stake your place on the Information Superhighway.
Heaviness: Light Eccentricity: 7/10
Submitted: 01/07/2023 Visit 2ya.com domain registration

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