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Estatopia argues in earnest for the continued use of imperial weights and measures. There is also a gallery of paintings and recipes, but my interest is mostly drawn to the gravity of that debate. The author puts it thus:
The traditional ways of measuring are, and always have been, based on the human frame and are a way of relating mankind to the universe... Metric is a (scientific) way of measuring the world as if we were not in it, not a part of it. But we are in the world, we are a part of it and we need a measurement system which takes account of our existence and which allows us to know our place in relation to nature. If we understand that we are part of nature then we will be less inclined to destroy it.
Hefty stakes indeed. I must agree because my sympathies lie with the traditional yards, feet and inches. This is because they feel more practical and simply 'fit'. I am also repelled to learn that use of these units for trade is still criminalised in the UK. Metric is so strong that it needs the full protection of the law!

For a more focused and mathematical argument of the superiority of duodecimal (base 12 numerics) over decimal, consider this piece by one Mr. "Lindybeige" Lloyd.

I cannot avoid another cheap take: another thing to consider is that 'decimate', a form of Roman torture, literally means 'divide by ten'.
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