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Orange Pages: The Burning Torch for Protestantism. You may have heard of these secluded Orangemen of Ulster before. Perhaps you are curious to learn more what they believe, as told undiluted from the source. Orange Pages delivers exactly what you seek.

The history of the Protestant reformation is meticulously documented, alongside a history of the loyal institutions found in this north-eastern pocket of Ireland. You may also chill out to the provided marching tunes and hymns while singing along to the lyrics. There are even some in-browser games like Boulder Dash, but these rely on a Java plugin; long since deprecated in today's web browsers. There is even a store guaranteeing "competitive prices on all your favourite loyalist products", which should arrive well in time for the twelfth.

Given that the Orangemen are known for keeping to the old ways, this website is expectedly old fashioned in its design. The predominant colours are the only two colours suitable for the loyal, namely orange and blue. The website seems to have been last updated in 2014, where photographs of that year's parades were appended to the photo gallery.

This website is a certified Web 1.0 design classic, and it is genuinely a loss that we won't see the like of these again. Enjoy this one while it lasts.
Heaviness: Less than a lambeg Eccentricity: 10/10
Submitted: 12/07/2023 Visit Orange Pages

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