The old town of the Internet.

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There was a time when the Internet felt like somewhere to escape to. Now it is impossible to escape from.

These selected websites hearken back to a time of wonder and discovery. Here live the wild and glorious pages from the web in all its ages; a peek over the walled gardens of social media. Originality and effort is welcomed, no matter its subject.

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Current total entries: 55

Latest Entries

Orange Pages [12/07/2023] [dowdy]

Exotic Silicon Research [16/04/2023] [eclectic]

The Old Telephone Company [25/03/2023] [dowdy]

Worlio [18/03/2023] [dowdy]

XXIIVV [11/03/2023] [own]

exo.pet [12/11/2022] [eclectic]

Humour from the classes of Prof. Richardson [08/10/2022] [own]

Cat Bounce [24/09/2022] [artistic]


Scaruffi's General Index of Music Biographies [29/01/2022] [dowdy]

Antikrist [17/04/2022] [own]

Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack (int10h.org) [13/08/2022] [artistic]

The Jargon File [24/10/2021] [dowdy]

Windows 93 [28/08/2021] [artistic]

Orange Pages [12/07/2023] [dowdy]

Nobody Here [24/09/2022] [eclectic]

Exotic Silicon Research [16/04/2023] [eclectic]

Net Animations [25/01/2022] [eclectic]

l33tcodes [19/02/2022] [own]

Toastytech [01/12/2021] [dowdy]

A.N. Lucas [01/09/2021] [eclectic]

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